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 Group co., LTD“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission... 09-12
 Group co., LTD“Safety production standardization”Mr... 08-29
 Better than activity party construction 08-05
 Group half-yearly production safety meeting 08-02
 Condolences to heat a line worker Sent to summer filar silk“... 07-30
 “Water source、Five water work”Inquiry learning activities... 07-29
 Group company organization to carry out the service skill training... 07-28
 “Red inscription DangEn,Reliving classic strong party spirit... 07-25
 Memorize the group co., LTD98Anniversary“... 07-24
 Group wisdom held water construction on communication 07-24
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· The Taiwan affairs office:Fujian province has completed preliminary to the golden horse power and...  
· Hubei fangxian county water-saving engineering power spring production  
· The three gorges reservoir, water filling water during last winter and this spring not only nearly60Hundred million...  
· 3Years300One hundred million yuan to build“The beautiful county”  
· Hubei zigui county water district:Rural drinking water safety inspectors in the wind...  
· Shandong si 5 Yellow River irrigation area80Ten thousand mu of wheat opened spring...  
· During dry lead he Tuo broken water problem  
· Thousands of miles north water embellish of arteries and veins——The south-to-north water transfer project water into...  
· 《Guizhou province river regulation》5Month1As  
· The Shanghai water authority《2018A river of Shanghai...  
· The most beautiful scenery is the stick to you  
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· The cause of the water turbid yellow?  
· The cause of the water when the water pipe from different sound?  
· Table rotation situation analysis?  
· Water supply and penalty due to breach of contract  
· Charging cycle  
· The scope of water  
· To apply for other water  
· The name transfer formalities  
· The user information modification formalities  
· When applying for renovation must settle the total table of water  
· What is illegal use of water?  
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· Town drainage and sewage treatment regulations(Under)  
· Town drainage and sewage treatment regulations(On)  
· Shaoxing county urban water supply management measures for its implementation  
· Shaoxing city water supply management measures  
· Zhejiang to implement《The water of the People's Republic of China》Methods...  
· Zhejiang to implement《The water of the People's Republic of China》Methods...  
· The regulation of water resources in zhejiang province(Under)  
· The regulation of water resources in zhejiang province(On)  
· Due to the small shun jiang nguyen family bay core issue of main international segmentDN1800Pipeline to the pocket mouth construction needs,Is due2018Years11Month9Day8:00 —11Month12Day8:00Construction operations。Affected by this,During the construction of the water peak may occur in the local low pressure and abnormal fluctuations of water quality for a short period of time。Hope the broad masses of users during that time, reasonable arrangement of a good life and production,In order to avoid the impact,The resulting inconvenience,Please kindly understand。Construction work is over,Back to normal after water including phenomena may occur,Please timely discharge。If you have problems with water,Can call24Hours water service hotline:96390。Please take note。 Shaoxing KeQiao water supply co., LTD2018Years11Month8Day
· In order to ensure2018Years9Shaoxing development co., LTD., industrial waste water treatment by the end of the denitrification projects are put into operation,Plan in2018Years2Month5Day(Lunar twenty)—2018Years3Month7Day(The two day)The implementation of the new and old system dock construction。In construction of docking sewage treatment system must be shut down,Involves the sewage must stop line。To ensure the smooth implementation of the joint work,Approved by superior departments,Relevant issues announcement as below:The first row of plan:2018Years2Month5Day(Lunar twenty)—2018Years2Month19Day(January 4),Enter the shaoxing development co., LTD. The third phase of water treatment system of enterprise must be stopped。(See the attachment)The second batch of stop line plan:2018Years2Month16Day(The first day)—2018Years3Month7Day(The two day),Entered the second phase of development of water treatment co., LTD. Shaoxing enterprise must stop line of the system。(See the attachment)Bring so much inconvenience,Please kindly understand。Notice is hereby given that the In the attachment:Stop companies list Shaoxing water treatment development co., LTD 2018Years1Month15Day
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